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Bad Situation - Shirt

Bad Situation - Shirt

This shirt was designed in reference to "Bad Situation" - track #2 off of Ratchet Dolls "Damaged."

There's actually a backstory to the song which references an accident Kevin (our singer) was in during the band's earlier years. Driving home after a performance, Kevin sat in the bed of our pickup truck to hold equipment during the drive. While on a very bumpy and busy highway, the band's equipment shuffled so much it eventually started to fly out of the vehicle; which Kevin actually fell out of trying to save gear.

There was A LOT OF BLOOD! The dude litereally cracked his skull open and even lost his memory for a short period of time... gnarly! If that's not #rocknroll, we don't know what is!

This shirt pays tribute to that event - pick yours up today!

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